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about us.

We are a Business Solutions Tech Start-Up and we specialize in helping businesses, organizations and individuals create their online presence.

Our main purpose is to link BUYERS with SELLERS. This, we achieve by ’employing’ our web-related skills and knowledge, ranging from hosting, design, development, database management, etc.

Although we are operating independently, we are the wholly-owned subsidiary of Jongi Brands (Pty) Ltd. We are a Customer-Oriented Tech Start-Up and we believe that “We are invisible without our  customers”. This gets to train us in every step of the way, to always prioritize customer-centricity. Remember, we are not all about profit but to serve, We, therefore, respect each and every project that comes our way.

Our prime goal at Jongi Digital Services is to help businesses reach their goals by putting them on the international market space through our low-cost Development platform.


Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Web Design and Development

We specialize in WordPress Development in terms of designing and developing anything you can imagine in mind.

Professional Custom Email

Restore your Business' Integrity by using a custom email account instead of the generic and unprofessional emails.

On Page SEO

It may be with development (i.e. during dev) or post-development that we optimize your website for better ranking on the Search Engines like Google, Bing etc.

Video creation and Editing

Explainer Videos are the way to go in the corporate world today. This is one platform that is used to market services and products.

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Our team.

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Jongi W. Mbodla

Founder & CEO

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Lead Developer

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We work hard to help our clients reimagine their most rudimentary ideas. With our in-depth concept exploration, new design approach, and technical prowess, we’ll take your idea to the next level and breathe life into it.

Custom Business Email Solution


Why you need professional email address as a business or institution, compared to generic email addresses like the gmail.com, yahoo.com, webmail.co.za, etc?


Using a professional email address with a custom domain name gives your business a lot more *clout*, thereby growing your business.


A custom domain name restores confidence in your prospective clients that you are serious about your business and not some fly-by-night operator.

Helps build
your brand

Each and every time that you send emails from your custom business domain name, your company gets recognised  and can easily be searched on the net.


Clients chased

Prospective clients/customers get chased away. Amongst other things, they think that you are not serious about your business, as such you won’t be serious about them.

Clients are

Prospective clients conclude that you might be some fly-by-night operator and your business is not legit, when you are using the generic email address.


When you are using something like yourbusinessname@gmail.com, you are limiting your branding opportunities.
Above all, you are working against your own company’s growth.

For a ONCE-OFF Setup Fee of only $20 (R285.00), you may now have your professional business email account with custom domain!

Let's setup your professional business email account



With our affiliate program, you get to earn for just referring ‘paying’ customers to us. Register here to start earning right away! 

WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING? It is a form of marketing where you advertise other companies’ products and/or services and earn a set commission for each product and/or service that gets purchased via your Affiliate link. 

HOW TO BECOME AN AFFILIATE MARKETER? It’s simple, just register as an affiliate marketer here. When you finish, the system will dynamically create your Affiliate Marketing link, copy that link and share it throughout your Social Media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram etc, and your personal blog/website. Now you are ready to earn when people purchase our services via your Affiliate link.


1. The Merchant – The merchant is the company that sells the product or service and offers an affiliate program(herein “Jongi Digital Services“). Not all merchants offer affiliate programs, but those that do, allow you to promote their products or services for a commission.

2. Affiliate Marketer aka Publisher – The affiliate marketer is you, and all you do is to promote a product on your website, social media, or any channel where you have an audience.

3. Affiliate Network – The affiliate network is the process of ‘Affiliate engagement’ between the merchant and the affiliate marketer. The affiliate network tracks clicks and sales so they can pay commissions to the publisher/marketer (that is you).

4. Customer – The customer is the person who ends up buying the product or service from the merchant. 

HOW MUCH CAN YOU EARN FROM AFFILIATE MARKETING? A Lot of money, for as long as you keep customers coming in via your link.


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Token of Appreciation

This post serves two (2) purposes, namely, to greet and welcome everyone visiting my site (existing and potential customers) and to highly appreciate the support

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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