Cloud Based Point of Sale System

Web-based POS system allows you to track your inventory in real-time rather than getting updates on an hourly or daily basis as most of the traditional systems require. You can check inventory based on products on hand, on order, in transit, and so on. This helps to make informed decisions as to how many products you need to order. This further ensures you don’t need to spend unnecessarily.

This means that now you will be able to fully monitor the behavior and performance of your stock without you being physically there.

If you need a POS to make physical sales you have two options. The most common and most expensive solution is to buy/rent an expensive dedicated POS terminal (desktop-based) that cost you a fortune to use. And if you need more registers, you’ll have to multiply this cost by two, three, five, and so on.

The solution that we offer, instead, allows you to transform your computer or tablet into a flexible cash register that’s cheap and easy to use thanks to our new Web-based POS System.

It doesn’t matter what business you are running: whether it is a supermarket, a bar, a clothing store, a beauty salon: you’ll be able to fully manage your Point of Sale with multiple registers. Set up cashiers, create products, sync orders, add markup, discounts and coupon codes, customize receipts, monitor the income of every register, the payment methods used… and much more.


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