Web Development – e-Commerce Store

Recommended Price R9,300.00


Recommended Price R9,300.00

Minimum price allowedR8,500.00

Maximum price allowedR15,200.00

If you are still dependant on the foot traffic for your ‘good return’, as a business, then you are losing out big time. Imagine this, in this day and age, how many people are likely to pass by your business building and are likely to get in and look inside, what do you have to offer? Of course, we do have customer concepts like window shopping, etc. The reality is, given the current revolution (4th Industrial Revolution), virtually everyone is now available on the internet and they are referred to as the ‘Internet Community’, i.e. the Internet traffic that is likely to come across any business that has its presence on the internet.¬† Every business owner today is looking forward to owning an e-Commerce Store. This does not mean that when you ‘sign up’ for e-Commerce store you will have to close your physical store, No, instead you will see double returns, from both your foot traffic and your cyber traffic (Internet traffic).

Commerce is the right way to go and we are here to help you own one, without having to pay tens of thousands of rands.


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